Undiscovered Fine Wines from the World


Globalisation is the new era of humanity that will eventually see the unification of the world; economically, racially, socially and spiritually.


Australia is a leading global community now who has lovingly embraced multiculturalism in every way. So, it is only fitting that all our wines should celebrate the whole world.


De Maine Fine Wine is a family owned business who have enjoyed food and wine from around the world over many years now so we know what you are missing. It is our aim to share with you some of these great wines of the world that are best enjoyed alongside the fine cuisines that have also come to our shores; and not just the classic wines, but also the undiscovered hidden gems.


great wines do not have to be expensive if you discover them early enough


You can have many years of great wine drinking at a very reasonable price should you discover and stock these hidden gems early enough. We aim to uncover these hidden gems for you to discover, enjoy, and maybe cellar to secure many years of enjoyment.


De Maine Fine Wine will always be discovering new and interesting wine makers from old and interesting corners of the world to share; and not just the wine, but also the food, cultural and gastronomic theatre from which the wine was developed. It is indeed a great experience to explore new vinicultural horizons with family and friends from the comfort of your own home. Although, dining your way around Tuscany is not altogether a bad idea.


the whole experience is important


We should rediscover the beautiful marriage between Food, Wine and Friends; a unifying social event that belongs, not just to any one culture, but to the whole of humanity.


It psychologically therapeutic to stay at home and prepare a simple meal to share with family and friends while all celebrated with fine wine.

You can waste expensive wine by not enjoying it in the way it was intended. This is both a waste of good wine and quite disrespectful to the wine and its maker.


we don’t just sell wine, we present the whole vinicultural experience the way it should be


With every wine style, we present a full written critique from the wine maker, describing how the wine was made; why it is so special and what food should accompany the wine.


Read the journey; enjoy the experience and all from home with great friends.


Welcome to De Maine Fine Wine